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Breast milk, the baby’s first vaccine

In 120 countries, the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week continues until August 7 next year. It is about declaring and emphasizing the benefits of this practice for the baby and the mother.

UNICEF wants to emphasize the value of breast milk, because breast milk is one of the most effective vaccines a baby can receive immediately after birth.

Breastfeeding can be considered as the first immunization of a baby after birth, it contains nutrients and antibodies to protect the baby from serious diseases that affect it.

In fact, for this NGO, postponing breastfeeding from 2 hours to 23 hours increases the risk of infant death in the first 28 days by 40%. In addition, it should also be considered that in the first hour of delivery, the mother’s milk production is restricted, which directly affects the possibility of children receiving exclusive breastfeeding.

Eliminate this custom, for example, in some countries / regions, feeding babies with infant formula, milk or sugar water during the first three days of life is one of the objectives of this organization and other NGOs dedicated to promoting breastfeeding, as one of the most effective ways to prevent a large number of child deaths.

We are talking about the fact that there are around 77 million babies in the world without breast milk in the first hour after birth, which for UNICEF means that 77 million vaccines are lost in children (children). Newborns account for half of the deaths of children under the age of five in the world. A dimension can be difficult for us to understand.

Promote breastfeeding in the world

Promoting breastfeeding is one of the goals of many NGOs. For UNICEF, this number is indisputable.

If all newborns were breastfed from birth to six months, they estimated that nearly a million lives could be saved worldwide each year.

No, currently women do not get all the help they need to promote breastfeeding after the birth of their baby. Globally, only 43% of babies under the age of six months are exclusively breastfed, and 57% of babies who are not breastfed are 14 times more likely to die from the baby.

Focusing on this type of diet, this type of vaccination as defined by UNICEF and days like World Breastfeeding Week that begins today, make us see that we do not provide such a healthy, affordable environment and such a simple meal is ridiculous.