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Donate 30 liters of breast milk for premature babies admitted as his son, born in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic

Ian Uriel was born at 28 weeks of gestation and weighed only one kilo and eighty grams, his mother had been detected in pre-eclampsia and had to undergo a cesarean section four days after admission. The newborn was hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care unit of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital for 84 days. Luis Castellasozu Ayala ‘. Thanks to the breast milk bank of the Mexican Institute of Social Health (IMSS), she was able to recover quickly by feeding the best available medications.

So after Ian was discharged from the hospital, the mother decided to donate 30 liters of breast milk as a reserve for other premature babies who needed this reserve, as well as a son.

11.-babies benefited

“The importance of breastfeeding is that giving babies a lot of antibodies can help them gain weight faster. It is also very important during the baby’s growth and attachment to the child. I ask mothers to really give them this benefit.”

This was Celeste’s request, she realized that she realized that in addition to the efforts of the social security staff, breast milk is also a great help for the baby, so she was gaining weight and immunity little by little. system.

The fact is that Celeste was discharged from the hospital two weeks after giving birth, but her baby remained in the ICU for about three months, a few weeks away from the mother. To restore health, breast milk must be given every day.

Ian dropped to 850 grams the second day after birth. Celeste recognized in the local environment:

“They were very difficult days. It is not easy to be in intensive care on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. There are very good days when your baby makes great strides and there are very bad days. But what drives you is that he, so small, is making him want to ”.

The importance of breast milk for premature babies

Breast milk has many benefits for premature babies because it is a true natural medicine that can help improve the structure of the heart and reduce the incidence and severity of certain typical premature diseases, such as necrotizing enterocolitis (80%), a disease that affects the intestines and colon may require surgery.

Breast milk for premature babies is a health treatment that mothers can provide, and it is best to provide breast milk directly or along with breast milk. This is how the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics defends it. Produce and suck, or kangaroo, even with milking.

Breast milk can be adapted to the needs of the baby, so much so that it has been confirmed that the milk produced by the mother of a premature baby is different from the milk of another woman in some respects.

Also, the absorption capacity of long chain fatty acids in breast milk is 90% or more, while the absorption capacity of long chain fatty acids in artificial milk is only 65%, which has great advantages for the development of the nervous system. , Your brain and retina. Not only that, the milk of the mothers of premature babies has more defenses against infection.