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Learning about infant sleep with Ser Padres

Food and sleep are the two pillars that most concern all parents, because in terms of food, the health of children and the health of adults in the family depend largely on it. Those children with insufficient sleep or with bad quality of sleep will sooner or later affect them in a very negative way: accumulated fatigue, stress, irritability, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to make children sleep better, but it is useless to wait for it to happen before magic instead of remaining inactive sooner or later. When things can’t be solved, changes can and should be made in the routine, ranging from establishing more stable and complete schedules to focusing more on bathing procedures, always using specific products designed for babies. Just like Suavinex day and night soothers, relax better.

Designed in two sizes, for babies from 0 to 6 months and from 6 to 18 months, they help the newborn on the one hand thanks to their anatomical silicone teats that adapt perfectly to the baby’s palate, imitating the shape of the mother’s nipple. During breastfeeding and, on the other hand, they do the same for parents with a detail that plays a more important role than it seems a priori when the baby’s crying bursts out in the middle of the night: the luminescent rings it contains. Glowing in the dark, it instantly hides, no matter how hidden it was after the baby was released. Minimizing your child’s waking hours and irritation can mean the difference between staying awake for a long time and closing your eyes immediately.

The importance of massage

Once the water comes out and the proper care is taken during the dry period, this is one of the favorite moments among many parents, because the connection with the child is unbreakable. This is a turning point in the daily massage, because as Nurse Yolanda Velaz pointed out in the children’s dream with Director Ser Padres Carmen Sabalete, “the skin is our first language”, which makes “the relaxing bath and the children’s massage” possible.

Therefore, it is very important to use a light moisturizing lotion for babies in this part of the ceremony, which is composed mainly of natural ingredients and the most important thing is to ensure rapid absorption. The one produced by Suavinex guarantees the three previous characteristics, while the other basic cosmetic cream for newborn diapers must be very effective in protecting normal skin and the skin of these babies. Prone to inflammation. And, although it doesn’t seem to be related to sleep, diapers usually cover too much of the skin redness, which is the reason for the growth of enough teeth, which is why the first teeth are particularly delicate after they begin to appear. Children cannot enjoy a good night’s sleep.