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Top 11 Newborn Care Tips: Hair, Nails, Bathing, Creams, and More

Going home with the newborn raises many questions for parents. The hospital has nothing to do because the baby is sleeping most of the time, and the umbilical cord has not yet fallen off, so it can only be washed once at most, so when they see you with the baby, they first have a problem.

The most common are care-related care: when to cut nails, whether to cut hair, when to use moisturizer, how often to take a bath, how to do it, etc. In order to combine all the suggestions into one item, today, we provide you with relevant The best advice for newborn care.

1. The umbilical cord cure

The umbilical cord is mummified when it stops receiving blood and falls off after a few days. How to cure it depends on the hospital where the baby was born, because some people recommend using alcohol at 70ºC, some people say only soap and water, and some people say that nothing needs to be done.

All solutions are correct, because in a review of studies conducted by WHO in 2004, which included 22 studies of 8,959 infants, they found that when comparing the use of antimicrobial agents with umbilical cord care, the cure for the navel is not important. dry. Therefore, the cure is basically irrelevant (as long as povidone iodine is not used). In case it smells bad or suppurating, it is necessary to take it to the pediatrician.

2.-Clothes in the early days

Asylum? Don’t you live For the first few days, it’s fun to keep the baby relatively warm, because it comes from the mother’s womb and is warmer than the outside world. Don’t go too far but don’t position it exactly as we are, otherwise make sure the environment we’re in is not cold. After the first day, it is often said that you have to wear more sleeves for them than for us.

This is an explanation. They have to be the same as adults, but a little more per capita, because they cannot regulate the temperature like us. In addition, they do not have the amount of fat that we have and they can protect us (I am not talking about being overweight or similar things, but their skin is very thin, and we are even thinner, not so much).

In this sense, it is ideal for touching the neck and back area. In this way, we will know if they are comfortable, cold or hot.

3.-The bathroom

Babies have long bathed every day to maintain hygiene and maintain a state of relaxation before going to bed. The reality is that not everyone relaxes (many people have a good time and come out of the bathtub more awake than when they entered) and bathe too much every day. It is the bath that dries the skin and eliminates the natural bacteria that we have, many babies later suffer from eczema and skin infections. Come on, it is recommended to bathe the baby every two or three days, and change the diaper with soap and water on the days when he does not bathe.

How to bathe the baby? Bring the water to a suitable temperature (about 36 degrees), put it in a cold place and everything is ready. Now summer is coming and there are not many problems, but in the cold season, it is fun to dry the baby well, especially in the folds, and then quickly dry and dress him.

4.The cream after bathing

Like taking a shower once a day or taking a shower once a day, you seem to no longer put on some cream after you shower. The reality is that the first day is interesting because in many cases the baby will “peel”, but after the first day, the baby does not usually need creams or oils or avoid flaking. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), “Babies do not need to apply creams, oils, or powders on a regular basis.”

This does not mean that it is bad, but a practical and economic problem. If the baby’s skin is good, no action is required. If there is some dryness in some areas, use baby cream (a cream that is better than oil and has less water), or if you want the whole body, until there are no dry places.

Tip: If you take advantage of the time of applying the cream to give the baby a little massage, I will do it every day, but not for the cream, but for the massage. These are moments of affection for him, and these moments are important to both of you.

5.Nail care

You don’t need to do anything special to your nails except cut your nails when necessary. Many parents believe that they can only be cut after one month of age or after babies of a certain age. The fact is that there is no minimum age to cut your nails. This is completely a matter of logic. If the baby’s nails are long, they will be cut regardless of his age.

It can be done with a file or round-tipped scissors, preferably in relatively quiet weather. In any case, we must hold his hand tightly so that the movement does not cause us to cut things that should not be cut.

6.The eyes, ears and nose

You don’t have to do anything with your eyes, ears, and nose, but if you have to, it’s worth knowing how to do it. If there is bean feces, it is very common at first, because the tear duct does not always work properly and the eyes cannot be cleaned as required, so use a small amount of essence and gauze to wash it from the inside out, and then throw it away (just once). gauze).

If you see wax, clean only part of the wax, i.e. the outer wax, it is best not to use a stick. As we told you a few months ago, the best way to clean your ears is with your elbows. In other words, don’t add anything.

If it is a nose, if we find that you have a runny nose and cannot breathe well, because they do not automatically remove the nose, it is recommended to use a saline solution. The least positive way to do this is to pour it into the nostrils a little at a time to make the mucus thinner and easier to come out of the nose or swallow.

7.How to clean the diaper area

As I have mentioned before, the ideal situation is to change it with soap and water at least once a day. If they can be more then more, they always clean better than wipes. The direction we use to clean is important, because according to our cleaning method, we take the remains to the place where we remove our hands. Therefore, it is important from the genitals to the anus. From top to bottom, so that the stool does not flow to the genitals, on the contrary.

8.When the ass burns

If there is no irritation after cleaning, nothing needs to be placed. If it becomes inflamed, we put the paste on the diaper change water until the perianal area turns pink and returns to health. One way to make homemade baby cream is to use a mixture of cornstarch and olive oil, which is equally effective.

9.Washing baby’s clothes

Babies have very delicate skin and often react easily to any “aggression”. Of course, you may have noticed that if they are exposed, our fingers will be marked for a while. To avoid possible reactions, it is recommended to wash the baby’s clothes separately, be sure to wash them clean, if possible, do not use fabric softener, because it can cause many allergic skin reactions (acne, redness, etc.). If the child ends up lying in our bed or taking a nap, he can easily do it with his sheets and blankets and our sheets and blankets.

10.What to do with cradle cap?

The cover of the crib is for the baby. That’s why it’s called that (it has nothing to do with drinking breast milk). This is a cosmetic problem, a type of seborrheic dermatitis that does not produce any symptoms, so it can only be removed when necessary (unless there are signs of infection). In case you want to eliminate it, it is usually recommended to use olive, almond or baby oil and apply it on the head for a while. The oil massage will soften the ulcers, so half an hour later, when you bathe him and rub his head, they will pop. It is done slowly with love, and there is no expectation that everything will fall in one day (it will fall several times each time).

11.To cut or not to cut hair

The baby’s hairstyle is also for beauty. In the first few months, usually, most of the baby’s hair falls out and, in fact, many of them are bald. Then around six months, some hair started to show. Cutting your hair short will not make it stronger, so you should only do it if the parents think that short hair is better. For this, round-headed scissors should be used (the blade is not recommended at all, and electric scissors will hurt it) and keep the baby calm so as not to hurt him.