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What to give for a baptism?

Some traditions will not be lost and should not be lost. For example, you will be rewarded when you receive an invitation to participate in a special event to baptize your child as a father. That is why, by giving a detail to the baby, you can see your love, affection and care for him, this is a distinguishing factor, even if the gift is opened, the baby’s parents will find them immediately, even if it is not completely. The most important thing that day. Therefore, choosing traditional gifts and choosing any of the following ideas can make it original, then what is most important, and how and how to express this emotion:


These foldable, easy-to-carry blankets are so much better than having to carry a kiddie gym. These blankets are not only designed for home use, but can also be used outdoors (for example, on picnic days). Its design is pure fantasy.

Door of the tooth fairy

Take advantage of the fact that most of the baby’s short-term needs are addressed and you will be able to check it in time. The original way to do it was to give a door to the “Tooth Fairy” house, which the famous animal would “enter” when the first tooth fell out in a few years.

Box of teeth

If you don’t like doors, but you like to give him some similar but more versatile products, it’s a personalized box with your baby’s name. They can save teeth when they fall out, but at the same time, they can also be used for other purposes.

Cutlery set

Because it can be used for many years, the most practical gift is to choose a set of exquisite children’s tableware. There are countless options on the market, more or less simple, including some inspired by the animated characters that children adore.

Custom tableware

This is one of the most personalized gifts that can be made, as some artisans paint it in a personalized way, and it is an exclusive detail that can add great value to any gift.

Frame for footprint

It may not be so primitive anymore, because it has been a fashionable gift for children for a long time, but you may not know that it would be a shame that parents and babies did not have it, because the feet and the footprints they are huge. At this age, this is something that will not return. With this gift they will have it for life.

Decorative pennants

The formats and supports are innumerable, and in fact there are really new and current formats, such as wooden ones or even neon lights, which is the latest form of decoration. Other options like hand sewing will never fail.